Serendipity is the meeting place for various workshops, lectures, group discussions, meditation sessions, tarot and angel readings, books signings and a variety of other individual and/or interactive methods to assist in the awakening of one’s conscious self.

Serendipity supports and encourages one’s spiritual journey of self discovery and creation by offering these services to help people manifest the life they truly want, attract positive experiences into their world, decipher and remove negative energetic forces and learn to quiet the mind chatter leading to the creation of a harmonious, balanced and peaceful life.

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"Come and take a journey into the most powerful version of yourself.”

- PJ Clarke, Owner of Serendipity

Serendipity welcomes…

Elisa, Serendipity’s first astrologer! Elisa uses astrology to help you better understand the energies at play your life, your character and your circumstances so you can take specific steps towards developing your potential.

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